Caged: An Alpha Protector Romance Caged: An Alpha Protector Romance by Alaska Jones

Thank you to the author for an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

                             MY RATING--3.4 TO 4

 I am a huge fan of alpha males and dangerous heroes. I have a soft spot for tortured heroes. So when i stumbled across this book and read the synopsis, I was like-"OMG I have to read in now."

                *ME*   description

So before I could stop myself, I approached the author with an offer to review the book in exchange of an ARC(call me greedy, but i can do anything for books).

Caged had an interesting beginning.The story starts with JENNA(the heroine) waking up in a strange room and remembering the incidents of the previous night.Her ex-boyfriend ANTHONY(hunt) was involved with mafia and kind of cheated them, so the mafia was behind him.
And in order to get their hands on Anthony, they tried to kidnap Jenna but CAGE(the hero) saved her.

Cage is a hitman and is assigned with the duty to find Anthony.In order to do his job he saved Jenna from the other men and kidnaped her himself. You might be thinking that now he will torture the innocent girl--BUT no, nothing of this sort happens. Cage is really soft at heart and is enchanted by jenna's beauty.He would do anything to save her from others and most importantly from himself.

Remember--This is not your typical dark romance in which the hero tortures heroine. if you are looking for a dark romance then this book is not for you.

Jenna is a strong willed woman and does not take Cage's shit. She argues with her on almost everything which makes Cage kind of frustrated. Their arguments are quite fun to read and adds humour into the story. Cage is Jenna's kidnapper but Jenna cares for him inspite of that. Cage is also attracted to Jenna and has a soft spot for her.He want to keep her safe no matter what. But Jenna is stubborn and won't leave him alone. Jenna knows he is haunted by his past and wants to save him from himself,


And at last they give into the temptation and accept their love for each other.

The story was interesting in the beginning but became somewhat boring towards the end. The characters were not well developed and I was unable to connect to the characters. But overall it was a good read. Cage never told Jenna about his past and she never ever helped him to heal and forget his past. So the tortured hero vibe was missing.
cage's rating-4 stars
Jenna's rating-4 stars
story rating-3.5 stars
sexual tension rating-4 stars
author's writing style rating-3.5 stars
If you like mafia romance which is not dark then this book is for you, go for it
Thanks for reading my review. Lots of love

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